Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lena Dunham & Girls

Sex and The City pigeonholed women into vacuous stereotypes who had no excitement in their lives other than sex, shoes, men, shoes, luxury and shoes and rammed an unattainable, affluent dream down womens’ throats before forcing them to choose which one they were. (If you're a Samantha you have sex, talk about it a lot and like shoes).

Lena Dunham has taken the Carrie Bradshaw blueprint, stripped her of a few years, emptied the bank account, downgraded her wardrobe, forced her to eat and fucked her up for the better. Hannah's struggle is so much more digestible and doesn't come hand in hand with the gag inducing, giggly, girlishness of the former. Strong women are often referred to as having balls, but they're just shrivelly sensitive swinging things, constantly recoiling in horror, in anticipation of being kicked. Hannah healthily waves the flag for the vagina and she does so with gusto. She's everything society should want from a TV heroine. She is funny, sharp, intelligent, cool, far from perfect and more than often naked or in a compromising position. The fact that Dunham writes/directs herself in these situations is all the more admirable. She's giving the "real" girls exposure, she's eradicating shame and sticking two fingers up at the celebrity ideal by rubbing her beautiful imperfections in our faces. She is also demonstrating that a woman has every right to frequently enjoy sex, without it impacting on her reputation.

Dunham is a real inspiration, a breath of fresh air. All of her characters have personalities but they cannot be defined by stereotypes because they are so masterfully written. Here's hoping Dunham's cerebral influence has an impact on the younger generation and encourages girls to enjoy being themselves as opposed to striving to achieve the brainless, clothes horse stature of the Kardashiwotnots.

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