Monday, 29 October 2012

#CineCity10th Culturine's Top 10 2002-2012

To celebrate the 10th edition of CINECITY, Culturine, along with a load of other enthusiastic film bloggers, has been asked to compile a Top 10 from the last 10 years. So here it is, in order of release...

(2002) Irreversible - Read Culturine's post on director Gaspar Noe

(2003) Elephant

(2004) Bad Education

(2005) Mysterious Skin - Read Culturine's posts on director Gregg Araki

(2006) Inland Empire

(2007) Zodiac

(2008) The Dark Knight

(2009) A Single Man - Read Culturine's review of A Single Man

(2010) Fish Tank - Read Culturine's review of Fish Tank

(2011) Drive

(2012) TBC

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