Monday, 30 July 2012

Trevor (1994)

Above is an outstanding Academy Award winning short from 1994, directed by Peggy Rajski. Trevor tells the story of a suicidal teenager attempting to come to terms with his sexuality. The film is heavily inspired by Michael Lehman's '88 teen-suicide film Heathers. Obviously, it shares the subject matter but it's evident that Trevor also alludes to Lehman's aesthetic. The faux-suicide scenes are also reminiscent of Harold's various attempts in Harold and Maude (1971) and are approached with in a similar directorial style and a copious amount of identical black wit.

Without Heathers there would be no Trevor and without Trevor would there be Glee? This short film is incredibly relevant. Unfortunately gay teens are still more likely to attempt to take their own lives. Perhaps if a film as powerful as Trevor was shown regularly in schools, things could change.

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