Thursday, 5 July 2012

Michael Fassbender

 I have long since championed the gargantuan talent of the mighty Fasb'. He excelled in dirty protests and emaciation in the early days of Hunger (2008) and he oozed so much charisma as Connor in Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank (2009) that you kind of willed the 15 year old to run off with him. As Brandon in Shame (2011) his skill was so that he was able to generate an entire existence for the character way beyond what was shown on the screen. I would quite happily part with £10 to watch Michael Fassbender peel potatoes. I'd bet he'd be bloody good at it.

Above is the viral clip 'Happy Birthday David' used to publicise Prometheus (2012). If you go and see Prometheus, go for Fassbender's performance and you won't be disappointed but if you go because you want to see a decent film  - you will.

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