Thursday, 12 April 2012

Childish Gambino

Donald Glover is going to take over the world. By day (sort of) he's Troy, one of the greatest characters in Community and by watershed he's one bad-mouthed ****** *******. Throwing down some ******* dirty ******* lyrics. Often referring to his **** which is a naughty word for male genitalia and talking about ******* *******, I don't think he's referring to them as ******* in a derogatory sense or indeed ******* them as an insult but perhaps just *******  as ladies who he has either enjoyed ******* or would like to ****! He also used the word ***** quite often and I doubt he's referring to a cat. He's a very talented young man though and I bet there are plenty of ****** out there queuing up to **** him or to suck his ****, which according to him is like an elephants or an accent mark! His voice is sweeeeeeet and easily digestible. He's like Nicki Minaj with the **** she always talks about having!

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