Sunday, 15 May 2011


tUnE-YaRdS trademark sound is a canorous cacophony of tribal mumblings and phat seismic beats. The first album BiRd BrAiNs was recorded on a handheld voice-recorder in vocalist Merrill Garbus’s bedroom. Armed with a loop machine and a voice that culminates the sound of Tracey Chapman, Jill Scott and Yodelling Slim Clark, a soundtrack for the transindigenous ghetto tribes of the future was created in one uplifting slam dunk.

New album who-kill doesn’t disappoint, it is the perfect follow up, complementing its predecessor and maintaining the tUnE-YaRdS roots are still firmly planted in the pavement. If BiRd BrAiNs was the album that kept the sun shining during the winter then who-kill is the summer album, increasing the heat of the first, putting a kick in the step, a smile on the face and a weapon in the back pocket for anyone who dares to penetrate this bubble of fuzzed up funky bliss.

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