Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

I have only seen two episodes of this Danish TV series (currently being broadcast in the UK on BBC4) but it is off to a great start. The Killing (Forbrydelsen) is a drama of three parts, the cop, the victim and the suspect. The key ingredient that makes this show so gripping is its secrets, both this and the central theme of murdered schoolgirl will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Twin Peaks, and what it lacks in otherworldly Lodges and terrifying visions, it makes up for in night terrors and chunky-knit jumpers. The Killing has been snapped up and remade in the US and will no doubt lose its edge along the way, so avoid the product placement and being dumbed down, watch it in its original form.

The Killing (Forbrydelsen) is on BBC4, 9pm Saturdays.Watch the trailer below (Excuse the banal voiceover)

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  1. This programme is so unbelievably tedious it defies belief. It is far too slow. I have no interest in most of the characters and it lacks vitality. Whilst it is good to see subtitled films on British TV this really is far too slow. Very poor. Very poor indeed.

  2. sort out your attention span mate. This series is incredible: brilliantly -subtly- acted, and rewarding for those willing to get past episode 2 and dedicate themselves to the gradual, yet riveting unravelling of events.
    To be honest I was as sceptical as you are at first

  3. It is slow, but it's great. As for avoiding product placement it seems you guys haven't noticed that apparently everyone in Denmark drives Fords.....talk about unsubtle.