Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Doctor Who: Four Scary Monsters as chosen by a 4 year old.

The Carrionites

These are the most scariest monsters in Doctor Who. They are in my Doctor Who book and yesterday my sister showed them to me and I cried because I am so scared of them. They look like they are real witches and they make me feel like I might cry really quick.

Weeping Angels

I am too scared of the weeping Angels. If you blink they get close to you and do this *pulls scary face* and they do it really quick because I think there are people inside them. I saw the Weeping Angels at the Doctor Who exhibition when I was two and I really want to go there again but I don’t want to see the Weeping Angels because they’re just, quite scary but I’m not that scared.

Flood Victims

They have got cracks all over their face and they look a bit like vampires. They are not as scary as the witches but when the water comes out of their mouths it looks like they’re spitting their blood all over themselves.


They have got red eyes and if they look at you they make you feel really scared. I don’t think he brushes his teeth because I think they are rotten. If I saw a real one of these in my bedroom I would just push it down the stairs so it would die and then I would stab it with a sword, just a toy sword.

My sister and dad think Matt Smith is the best Doctor but I just like his screwdriver. My favourite Doctor is the tenth one – David Tenant. My favourite girl is Rose but my sister likes Amy Pond because she has got the same hair as her. I like Rose because she used to be my girlfriend.

By Casper Clark
Age 4

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