Monday, 3 January 2011

Akiko Stehrenberger

In an idle industry that often relies on super imposed, and often incongruous heads on shoulders of contorted body doubles, Akiko Stehrenberger is a shimmering beacon of hope.

Stehrenberger has designed some of cinema and televisions most arresting images. Whilst alert to the stigmas surrounding commercial art, she has taken steps to prove that photo-shop is not the only way to advertise your movie. Her design for Funny Games (2008) didn’t come without a fight. The studio wanted Naomi Watts with blood on her face or a white glove violently tugging at her hair, yet Stehrenberger, insisted on keeping the image restrained, knowing that the mystery behind the characters obvious grief would evoke the desired eeriness. The artist’s stubbornness eventually paid off when the studio agreed to use the image to publicise the movie.

 Her roots as an illustrator are evident in her large portfolio of work. She has worked for Levis, Dickies, Disney, Lego and a variety of magazines. Her most recent cinema poster is a design for Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere (2010). Akiko Stehrenberger has proven that you don’t have to be photo-shop lazy when advertising your movie. However, there is a possibility that, with Stehrenberger’s visions, studios will be worried that cinema goers are likely to find the poster in the lobby more captivating than the movie itself.

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