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Twin Peaks: A Fresh Eye (Season 2 - Episodes 8 & 9)

Season 2 Episode 8

There is a distinct shift in tone from the horrific previous episode. The revelation of the killer’s identity has provided a breath of fresh air. As in the previous, we are presented with a mass of balls. Previously the balls were being bounced frenziedly and here Leland is focused and driven as he aims golf balls at the empty chair – the emptiness of the chair signifies loss. Including Leland, three members of this family are gone because of BOB. Sarah Palmer shouts down the stairs to request that Leland gets them tickets for ‘the Glen Miller night at the club’. Sarah is obviously still mourning the loss of her daughter but does she have any memory of crawling down the stairs, or the white horse? Also she sounds surprisingly upbeat for someone who was heavily medicated the previous night. Maddy’s body is stuffed in a golf bag - a make-shift body bag. Leland proves his love for all things Rogers and Hammerstein as he sings "Surry with the Fringe on Top" from Oklahoma!

Leland later entertains the guests with a dance routine, using his golf club as a mock cane. Cooper and Harry tell Leland Ben has been charged with Laura's murder. Leland acts shocked and dismayed by the revelation and asks them if they have a strong case against him, which they confirm they do. After Leland walks away, continuing his grief-stricken facade, Cooper approaches him alone and requests Leland contact him if he remembers anything unusual about Ben's behaviour the night of Laura's murder. Leland stands before some red curtains wrestling with his inner BOB, his composure crumbles momentarily, the drapes are a reminder of the Black Lodge and enable BOB to focus. Cooper catches up to Harry and they leave. Leland dances of camera pleased that his framing of Ben is continuing as planned.

Doc Heyward slips on a pair of latex gloves. Between him wearing the gloves and Leland wearing the same, Maddy lost her life. Later on in Twin Peaks the dwarf will exclaim, “WOWBOBWOW”. There is significance in palindromes and mirrored behaviour. As Leland is met with BOB in the mirror, the evil exists at the point of reflection and the centre of this particular palindrome.

Leland/Bob drives erratically and knowingly signifying a disregard for the lives of anyone nearby. Harry and Cooper in his truck approaching Leland from the other direction. Harry whips his vehicle around and pursues the convertible, pulling it over to the side of the road. Following a brief chat, Leland asks Cooper if he would like to see his new clubs and Cooper consents. Harry calls Cooper to the truck because Hawk had found the One Armed Man. Leland raises the club behind Cooper as if his intent was to strike him. As Maddy’s hand is revealed in the bag, it is almost as if Leland/BOB is intending to get caught. They leave Leland and speed off to meet Hawk back at the station. Leland adjusts the rear-view mirror, before pulling back onto the road and we see BOB's reflection.

 Norma can be observed as a palindromic figure. Shelly’s pattern reflects Norma’s and in meeting her mother, we see that the reflection bounces both ways. Her mother is following a similar pattern that reflects back to her daughter, especially with their relationship to food and their criminal lovers.

Gerard/Mike escapes through the bedroom window. An open window, as we learn from FWWM is a potential act of self harm. However, Cooper also has his window opened this night as he learns of a discovered body.

Hawk stands before a DANGER sign, near the newly discovered body of Maddy Ferguson. Leland/BOB took various risks in the disposal of Maddy’s body almost getting caught along the way. The erratic driving, the intention of attacking Cooper and disposing of Maddy’s body in a dangerous place shows that BOB shows no regard for his vessel, in either his getting caught or getting killed.

Season 2 Episode 9

The episode begins with Maddy’s face and her body wrapped in plastic as we witnessed with Laura in the season one pilot. Albert discovers the letter O under Maddy’s finger, the O being the centre point of the killer’s palindrome title.

Donna sits before a harsh red light as James gives her a ring, mirroring the conclusion of this episode. As James and Donna leave, they hear Andy saying "J'ai une âme solitaire." Donna asks him to repeat it. Andy does and translates it, "I am a lonely soul." It is then established that this was not only said by Mrs Tremond’s grandson, it was written on Harold Smith’s suicide note.

 An unrecognisable Tremond answers the door to Donna and Cooper. The interior is also completely different from Donna’s previous visit. Mrs Tremond is dead and this lady has no children. This raises one question. How, if Donna was unable to see the Leland/BOB transformation (Coming up), was she able to meet the Tremonds? The gifted and damned are able to see BOB’s true face. Is Donna gifted and if so is her gift selective? Perhaps she is only able to view the ‘good’. If indeed that is what the Tremonds are. And, who and why put the Tremond’s on the meals on wheels list when the only person actually residing in the house is perfectly able bodied. Cooper asks Donna ‘But you deliver meals here?” the mystery remains unresolved. The meals on wheels list is created by Norma, and the meals come from the RR. Is Norma a good witch figure in this scenario?

The day after Harold died, the ‘new’ Tremond found a letter in the mail addressed to Donna. Harold’s writing is on the envelope and inside is a page from Laura’s diary containing her last two entries. The first is identical to Cooper’s dream from episode 2. Laura then writes that she wanted to tell Cooper who BOB was, she whispered it in his ear. BOB was only afraid of one man, Mike. She thought that Cooper was Mike and he was there to help her. The final entry reads "Tonight is the night that I die. I know I have to because it's the only way to keep BOB away from me, the only way to tear him out from inside. I know he wants me, I can feel his fire, but if I die he can't hurt me anymore." Cooper proclaims he and Laura had the same dream. Was BOB attempting to use Laura as a vessel? She speaks about him being ‘inside’ her, could this be a sexual reference or was BOB responsible for some of Laura’s more extreme behaviour?

Cooper meets with Mike/Gerard. Cooper: “BOB has killed again. I need to know something. I need you to help me. BOB was in my dream. Laura Palmer was in my dream, so were you and Laura dreamt about me the night before she died, the same dream that I had. I need to unlock that, I need...the answer is inside me”.

Mike: BOB and I, when we were killing together, there was this, this perfect relationship, appetite-satisfaction: a golden circle.
Cooper: 'A golden circle' A ring, my ring...I gave my ring to the Giant. A Circle was found beneath Maddy’s fingernail, the letter O.
Mike: He is known to us here. The Black Lodge?
Cooper; Then he's real
Mike: As real as I...He can help you find BOB. As real as Mike, who exists in the form of Gerard. The Giant exists in a similar form, within a human shell - the Giant exists within the dilatory waiter.
Cooper: How?
Mike: You must ask him first.
Cooper: How do I do that?
Mike: You have all the clues you need.
When Cooper walks out into the hall, he spots the dilatory waiter down the hall. He says to Cooper, "I know about you...That milk will cool down on you but it's getting warmer now." The soporific effect of milk is relative to the clues revealed to Cooper in his dreams. The answer is in Cooper’s dream.

Donna arrives at the Palmers and hands Leland a tape to post to Maddy. Leland reacts to Donna’s sunglasses. They formerly belonged to Laura. Both Donna and Maddy have acted out of character whilst wearing the glasses, visibly shaken by them, Leland steps away from Donna.

‘The eyes are the window to the soul’ which is where BOB exists and the glasses form an unwelcome barricade. Once the glasses are removed BOB’s confidence is reinstated. Leland is shocked to find out about the secret diary and following a phone call from Maddy’s mother, he realises his game is coming to an end. Leland’s voice suggests BOB is firmly in control prior to BOB’s reflection being revealed in the mirror. He tells Donna “we’ll work the problem out… together.”

Leland lustfully touches Donna's hair. His taste for killing is evident. Donna’s hair reminds him of Maddy. Maddy’s face reminded him of Laura. When she turns around suddenly, he hands her the lemonade. He then suggests, "I know the cure for what ails you." He puts the needle on the record and the camera moves up to reveal BOB. Donna cannot see BOB, she is neither gifted or damned. However she did see Mrs Tremond and her grandson. Leland embraces Donna roughly, possibly out of frustration as she is unable to see BOB and will therefore remain alive. The doorbell rings Harry reveals another murder has taken place. Leland and Harry exit, leaving Donna distressed and standing unwittingly in the place where her friend was brutally murdered.

At the Roadhouse, Cooper has gathers all the suspects for Laura's murder, including, Bobby, Ben, Leo and Leland. Hawk, Ed, Harry & Albert are also in attendance. Cooper addresses the group. "Gentlemen, two days ago a young woman was found murdered by the same individual I believe is responsible for the death of Laura Palmer. I have reason to believe the killer is in this room. As a member of the Bureau, I've spent most of my time seeking simple answers to difficult questions. In the pursuit of Laura's killer I have employed Bureau guidelines, deductive technique, Tibetan Method, instinct and luck. But now, I find myself in need of something new, which for lack of a better word, we shall call magic." Mrs Tremond’s grandson is the only magician we have seen so far but the removal of Cooper’s ring by the giant implies the prevalence of magic.

Major Briggs arrives accompanied by the dilatory waiter who asked the Major to drive him here. The Giant cannot appear unless the waiter is present. He offers Cooper a stick of gum. Leland says he remembers that gum, he used to chew it when he was a kid. The waiter assures him, "That gum you like is going to come back in style ". This phrase was last delivered by the dwarf in Cooper’s dream. The waiter is the vessel for both the Giant and the Dwarf, both extreme forms delivered in an elderly, slow-paced package.

Time freezes for Cooper and he returns to his dream and clearly hears what Laura whispered in his ear. "My father killed me." The Giant appears in the spotlight implying his image is being beamed onto the earth plane. They stand alone before the red drapes and the Giant returns Cooper's ring to him. The shape of the ring, the O beneath Maddy’s nail and the revelation of the killer’s identity illustrate that the circle of transition is completed.

Cooper puts on his ring and asks Ben Horne to go with them to the Sheriff's station and that he might want to bring Leland along as his attorney. Leland is shoved into the interrogation room instead of Ben, triggering ranting and screaming, that comes as a surprise to all. Hawk says “That’s not Leland.”

During the interrogation, Cooper asks him if he killed Laura and Maddy and he says, in a manner of speaking, yes. He also adds, "I have this thing for knives, just like what happened to you in Pittsburgh that time huh, Cooper?...Leland, you've been a good vehicle and I've enjoyed the ride, but now he's weak and full of holes...Leland's a babe in the woods with a large hole where his conscience used to be." BOB here reveals his supernatural skill by revealing details on Cooper’s past. This comes as a shock to Cooper.

Back outside the interrogation room, Cooper puts his dream together. The little man danced as Leland did compulsively after Laura's death. The killer was a gray haired man and Leland's hair turned gray overnight after he killed Jacques. The letters under the nails was BOB spelling his name. Leland placed the call from Ben's office; he was the third man outside Jacques' cabin and took the girls to the train car.

Why kill Maddy? She either reminded him of Laura and he couldn't bear to part with her or she found out BOB was the killer. Maddy was damned, whereas Sarah Palmer is just gifted. Harry offers that BOB can't exist, that Leland is just crazy. As if to prove Harry wrong, Leland starts reciting the fire walk with me poem and "I'll catch you with my death bag. You may think I've gone insane, but I promise I will kill again." BOB’s death bag is the plastic in which Maddy, Teresa, and Laura were all found wrapped in.

BOB screams preparing to liberate himself and slams Leland's head repeatedly into the iron grate on the door in an attempt to free himself of the now futile vessel. Harry and Cooper rush to stop him, but it's too late. Leland realises he has killed his daughter, Teresa and Maddy. He said he saw BOB in a dream when he was a boy and later he went inside of him. A dream he had at Pearl Lakes? "When he was inside I didn't know and when he was gone I couldn't remember...he said they wanted lives, they wanted others, others that they could use like they used me." They being Mike and BOB?

Leland says they wanted Laura but she wouldn't let them in so they had him kill her. Did BOB want to possess Laura too, or use her instead of Leland? Leland asks Laura to forgive him saying that he loved her with all his heart. Cooper turns Leland on his side and recites a passage from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

In the woods, Harry, Cooper and Albert contemplate what just happened. Major Briggs arrives. Harry has trouble believing that BOB had consumed Leland.
Cooper responds, “Is it easier to believe a man could rape and murder his own daughter?”
.”…but if he was real and we had him trapped and he got away, where is BOB now?"
The point of view changes as we’re pushed through the dimly lit undergrowth. An owl flies toward the camera – Is this where he is now?

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