Friday, 3 December 2010

Trapped in the Closet (2005)

Trapped in the Closet is a must for anyone who loves Twin Peaks. It is the brainchild of R. Kelly and originally came to light in 2005. The plot is melodramatic rubbish and the soundtrack is a singular melodic theme with lyrics that relate to the actions on screen. The songs tell the story of a one night stand gone bad, that gradually unveils a chain of events that involve, guns, AIDS, lesbians, dwarfs, deceit, sex and murder. It is pure genius and once you have watched one episode you’ll be hooked. You will also spend a good few weeks singing about everything that you’re doing. I laid down some great lyrics whilst picking up dog excrement from my back yard.

Watch the first installment below and follow this link to the youtube page that hosts the rest of the episodes.
Watch Trapped in the Closet

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