Friday, 10 December 2010

Psych: Dual Spires - Twin Peaks Reunion

The Psych Twin Peaks reunion episode ‘Dual Spires’ recently aired in the US bringing in big ratings for the show. I have never watched Psych before and only watched it to see how the stars of the ‘best television series ever’ had fared with age. Here’s the Twin Peaks cast in full…

Harold Smith Lenny Von Dohlen Sheriff Andrew Jackson
Audrey Horne Sherilyn Fenn Maudette Hornsby
Laura Palmer Sheryl Lee Dr. Donna Gooden
Bobby Briggs Dana Ashbrook Robert Barker
Leland Palmer Ray Wise Father Westley
Lana Budding Milford Robyn Lively Michelle Barker
The Log Lady Catherine E. Coulson Woman with Wood

The plot is jam packed with Twin Peaks references. The body of a washed up girl called Paula Meral, an anagram of Laura Palmer sets the scene for a silly investigation. The only real hook of the show was to spot how many references you could identify. It played like a Where’s Wally for Twin Peaks geeks and I doubt it would hold interest or make any sense to any Psych fan that hadn’t seen the programme.

Dana Ashbrook / Bobby Briggs is almost unrecognisable as the silver haired father of the deceased. Sherilyn Fenn / Audrey Horne returns to her seductive roots as a doomed librarian and Lenny Von Dohlen shook off the creepiness of Harold Smith with his role as the town Sherriff. Sheryl Lee/ Laura Palmer is brilliant as Dr Gooden and is a reminder of the incredible talent she showed in her dual role in Twin Peaks and the couple of roles that followed. It is a travesty that Sheryl Lee didn’t win some better roles, especially following her astounding performance as Astrid Berchherr in Backbeat (1994). She is looking amazing so maybe her time will come in this shallow world. 

It makes a very interesting and entertaining 40 odd minutes worth of viewing. So far there is no date for its UK airing but if you investigate properly you’ll find it somewhere online, under the nail.

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