Sunday, 10 October 2010

Nate Lowman

Nate Lowman by Peter Stanglmayr
Nate Lowman is one of the coolest young artists in the world. His work is simplistic at best and he floats merrily along on the wave of a concept for years at a time but he is only 31 and is one of New York’s most promising.

Nate’s 2009 smiley face project transpired from a letter written by O.J Simpson after the ‘incident’ with his wife Nicole. The letter was signed ‘Peace and Love O.J’ and in the O he had drawn a smiley face that the artist interpreted a ‘fucking crazy’ and then based a series of artwork on them. To Lowman a smiley face is the definitive sign of disingenuousness, an overt conviction of happiness that ultimately expresses the exact opposite.

Red No Smoking Smiley (2009)
 Other exhibits have included screen printed bullet-holes and collections of satirical bumper stickers. Below is the most visceral of Lowman’s works. As much as I admire Lowman’s art, I wouldn’t have it hanging on my walls, but I understand where it rests in the evolution of pop-art and the motive of the artist. The thing I admire most about Lowman is how damn cool he is. He is doing a job he loves. He’s passionate about his art, selflessly collaborates with other artists and he is often the curator of exhibitions for Art he admires. He has a string of A-list girlfriends, a wide group of hipster friends and DJ’s in NY clubs in his spare time. He’s not some shameless self publicist either, he is just living his life and people are taking notice. Nate lives his life like a quote used in one of his pieces 'Grab Life By The Balls And Squeeze Till It Sings Like Michael Jackson'.

Untitled (Thug Love) 2003, Acrylic on Canvas

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