Thursday, 7 October 2010

Larry Clark

Larry Clark is famous for his controversial films, Kids, Bully and Ken Park to name a few. His photographs are equally controversial often featuring unwashed teenagers in acts of sex or violence or both at the same time. Clark’s work is most definitely voyeuristic he befriends his willing subjects and captures their natural behaviour. In the majority of cases, at the point of presentation you get the impression that you are seeing something intensely personal that you shouldn’t really be looking at.

My favourite photographs (of the tamer variety) are the behind the scenes shots from Kids (1995) (featured in the book of the screenplay). Above is Chloe (1993), it was taken during the period that the New Yorker was referring to her as 'The Coolest Girl on The Planet'. Most of all I love this black and white, gelatine silver print from Tulsa collection (1971) for its striking composition and balance of reality and conscience. The ‘rabbit in the headlights’ look on the baby’s face gives the picture greater dimension. I would love to find out how that baby grew up. If Billy With Baby (1963) met 80’s Athena Man With Baby he’d kick his ass!

 I will be reviewing Larry Clark's films in forthcoming posts.

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