Friday, 8 October 2010

Blood Feast (1963)

Introducing the first in a series of scary B-Movie cult classics to shiver your quivery innards this Halloween.

First up, Herschel Gordon Lewis’s original Blood Feast (1963), a b-movie splat fest that features cinema’s first machete-wielding maniac chef. Dorothy Fremont is having a party for her daughter Suzette and calls upon the local caterer. Unbeknownst to her, the only spread he will be delivering is offal of the attractive young lady variety.

The killer caterer, Faud Ramses, is played menacingly by Mal Arnold, and the gathering of various internal organs is by no means a random act. Faud needs these organs to perform a ritual that will being resurrect the Goddess of good and evil back to life and poor Suzette bears the threat of becoming Crepe Suzette when she becomes the key ingredient for the final sacrificial act. It sounds rubbish doesn’t it? Well, it really is and the killer literally becomes rubbish as the film concludes but that is part of the overall appeal. It is very hard to take seriously whilst its unintentionally camp tongue is flapping wildly behind its cheek.

This film probably won’t scare you but those with a tender tummy might bring up their lunch. During the publicity on the films release cinema goers were presented with vomit bags which garnered huge interest in the movie seeing it quickly reap rewards of millions. Not bad for a film that cost a measly $25,000 to make. Blood Feast’s legacy continues with its influence on popular culture. John Waters is a fan and Lady Gaga’s creative team have clearly taken note via its influence on Michael Alig and the Club Kids scene of the early 1990’s.

This is a suggestion, not a recommendation...

Watch the trailer for Blood Feast (1963) by clicking on the movie poster at the top of the post.

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