Sunday, 12 September 2010

Vincent Gallo

Buffalo 66 (1998) was an amazing, original film and the perfect introduction to Vincent Gallo, who then showed promise of being a great director / actor. The positive reviews fed Gallo’s head to space-hopper proportions and managed to create a narcissistic monster, who thought it appropriate to follow his debut with The Brown Bunny (2003), a 93 minute road trip that ends with an oral bang.

I actually enjoyed The Brown Bunny, his directorial style was reminiscent of Dennis Hopper's photography and more obviously Easy Rider (1969). The actual journey was the same route I took following my wedding, even ending at the same Best Western. So for me it was as full of nostalgia as Chloe Sevigny was full of protein. You have to admire Gallo, he wrote, directed and starred in the film and got one of indie cinema’s sexiest young stars to fellate him on camera. I’m sure he fulfilled the fantasy of every director and every Sevigny admirer but all he managed to achieve was an orgasm and much notoriety. The Brown Bunny has been branded the ‘worst film ever to appear at Cannes’ where the soundtrack was inaudible as it was replaced by the boos of repulsed critics.

How does he follow that? With a 13 minute short called The Agent (2010), which debuted this week at the Venice Film Festival. The film consists of an agent shouting at an off-camera Gallo, “You’re a prick, you’re a fucking prick.” for the duration. A disclaimer flashes up following the end credits that states: “This film was brought to you by the Gray Daisy Foundation, a viewer-supported organisation dedicated to the advancement of outspoken, Caucasian, non-Jewish, heterosexual, good-looking, male film-makers and movie stars”. How can you not love him?

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