Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Megan Fox

She can’t act for shit and single-handedly ruined Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body (2009). The thing about acting is, you don’t just memorise the lines, you have to learn how to deliver them dramatically and realistically. It seems nobody ever told this to Fox.

Even when she is being interviewed, she spews out lesbian fantasy bile that she thinks the male populace will lap up like milk. She’s her ‘publicist’s worst nightmare’ she said in 2008. Well, it’s 2010 now and after being dropped from the Transformers franchise her career is likely to dry up. It pays to leave a little to the imagination. You don’t have to talk about sex all the time to be sexy.

So, she can’t act and she’s got zero personality but Jesus Christ she sure can stand still in a black bikini with a cherry in her lips. Terry Richardson’s 2008 shoot for American GQ features Fox at her best – static and muted. The pictures are truly mouth-watering.

Note to Fox: Leave acting, stop talking and have your picture taken for a living. You are so bloody good at it!

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