Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ed Ruscha

I’m a big fan of Ed Ruscha’s work particularly the eeriness of the Standard Station (1966) screen prints. But I absolutely love this pastel drawing from 1976. This was part of a collection in the seventies of words and colour that centred around; American language, specific experience and the excesses of Hollywood culture. A few white words on a bright pink background are seemingly innocuous and light-hearted but, out of context, the image suggests much more. It's incredible that with only colour and words Ruscha is able to create something so infinitely disturbing. 

I PLEAD INSANITY BECAUSE I'M JUST CRAZY ABOUT THAT LITTLE GIRL (1976) pictured above and below is Dennis Hopper’s portrait of the artist as a young man. Ed Ruscha (1964).

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  1. Whoa, that is so cool, I didn't realise Ed Ruscha was such a hottie. Saw his exhibition at The Hayward last year, mazin stuff. x