Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Never Let Me Go

Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go is a mystery thriller that’s short on traditional thrills but tall in its order of tension. Kathy is the protagonist who narrates the journey of a group of students from childhood at the dystopian Hailsham School to their eventual release into society.

Without spoiling the plot, the characters are completely accepting of their culture and circumstance. There is a natural curiosity surrounding an alternative lifestyle, but there is no overall desperation to change or flee from their unfortunate destiny until love enters the equation.

On the whole, Never Let Me Go reads as a reminder of our society’s freedom and privileges. Ishiguro’s students are indigenous creatures that are utterly tolerant of the culture in which they are born. In society western cultures often penetrate alien existence with their ‘superior’ knowledge but here the students remain untouched and isolated with nobody fighting their cause. The book therefore highlights not only the ‘fragility of human life’ but exposes the merciless and heartless narcissism of humanity.

It’s never ‘good news’ to find out that one of your favourite books is being adapted for film. The reader’s imagination is often the best director as was the case with Alex Garland’s The Beach. The book was enthralling, yet the film was nothing more than a vehicle for Leonardo Di Caprio and step-up the ladder for director Danny Boyle. Alex Garland is obviously very forgiving as he has since worked twice with Boyle, writing the screenplays for 28 Day’s Later and Sunshine. I hope Garland is more loyal to his source material than John Hodge was with The Beach because he has now re-crafted Never Let Me Go for the screen.

The film has finished shooting but is currently ‘in production’ so presumably some last minute changes are being made. The release date has been scheduled for 15 September 2010. The cast is packed with the cream of fresh British talent including Carey Mulligan, who was excellent in An Education, Andrew Garfield from Red Riding and Happy Go Lucky’s Sally Hawkins. The trailer looks very promising but just in case the obligatory explosion is added to put ‘bums on seats’ read the book, if you haven’t already, and enjoy Never Let Me Go as it should be experienced.

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