Monday, 16 August 2010

Marilyn Minter

I had the great pleasure of attending Marilyn Minter's 2005 exhibition at San Francisco MOMA. The large scale photographs of mouths, dribble and cracked dry-skin were voyeuristic and heavily sexualised. As if stepping towards the mouth of Gulliver, the images of painted lips looked good enough to eat and big enough to eat you. Minter's paintings are made by combining negatives in photoshop to make a whole new image. This new image is then turned into paintings by a team of assistants who layer enamel paint on huge sheets of aluminum. The result is so stunning that it takes a few minutes of silence to comprehend exactly what it is you are looking at.  I live in hope that I get the opportunity to stand before those giant paintings again but consider myself incredibly lucky that I already have.

Watch this video. Window licking has never been sexier.

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