Tuesday, 17 August 2010

David Lynch's Rabbits (2002)

You may remember Rabbits. A crying lady sat in a hotel room watching it on her television set in David Lynch's Inland Empire (2006) but if you haven't seen that then you won't. The cast of three include Naomi Watts and Laura Harring of Mulholland Drive (2001) but they're completely non-recognisable due to their laporine headgear.

It sounds very unusual and like everything Lynchian, it most certainly is. Originally broadcast on David Lynch's website davidlynch.com, Rabbits was an eight part series that sees the three characters delivering non sequitur dialogue with a time-lapsed laugh track. It is the warped timing and Angelo Badalementi's subtle, and traditionally industrial score that makes what sounds laughable in print look and feel terrifying on film.

Individual episodes make very little, if any, sense at all and it is widely believed that if you watch all of the episodes you can work out the order of the dialogue. The films have been unavailable for some time and are hard to locate but I do own a bootleg of the complete series and after many viewings I am none the wiser.

Here is an episode of Rabbits for you to watch, alone, in the dark and with the volume cranked up.

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