Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg

To celebrate the release of Serge biopic Gainsbourg I decided to give some attention to my favourite Gainsbourg, his daughter Charlotte.

Aged 13 Charlotte Gainsbourg sang Lemon Incest with her father. Ten years later she starred in The Cement Garden where she had sexual relations with her on screen brother. Last year, in Lars Von Trier’s Anti Christ, she famously grabbed a pair of scissors and performed self-mutilation on her genitalia. That aside, Charlotte Gainsbourg seems like an incredibly gentle artist. She’s softly spoken and her singing voice is so soft, particularly on her album 5:55 that it passed by with little more than a murmur.

Charlotte, although she has starred in a string of controversial roles, is the kind of actress who generates the impression that her art is for her sanity, not for the fame or glory. She has yet to accept a role in a Hollywood blockbuster, and although she recorded her most recent album ‘IRM’ with Beck, it’s not as if she has sold out. It’s not full of catchy pop hits about love. IRM’s biggest influence was a severe head injury in 2007. The MRI scan and recovery inspired the rhythms on the album and the experience itself motivated Charlotte into writing lyrics that enabled her to re-evaluate her life.

Below are links to some of the highlights of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s career so far.

Anti Christ

Charlotte Gainsbourg 'Heaven Can Wait'

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