Thursday, 29 July 2010

Where's Weeds?

What happened to Weeds? It was always on SkyOne at some ridiculous hour but now it's not on at all in the UK.

Californication is the only programme it can be compared to with its 30 minute blasts of disfunctional families, drugs and sex but Hank Moody doesn't have the edge of Weeds' Nancy Boswin. She's been skirting around a life sentence for the entire series. Her lackadaisical attitude towards US law and her effortless cool make her the best and most hilarious MILF on television.

If you want to catch up online Click Here where you can watch it in grainy-vision. Otherwise you could draft a letter to the programme buyers at Sky and petition them to recommision the three series' that UK viewers have missed out on. However, I seriously doubt that even the biggest fans of Weeds would have the motivation to do such a thing.

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