Monday, 19 July 2010


Perfect television for those who miss The Wire and are deeply unsatisfied at the false promise of NCIS: Los Angeles. Don't be put off by the fact that it stars The O.C's moody cast-off Ben McKenzie, because here his subtle acting fits the role perfectly as it also did in 2005's indie movie Junebug. The plot is meaty and the characters have soul and we are fed a small teaspoon of their dense back-story episodically. The influence of David Simon's creativity is evident here. Southland assumes the viewer has a brain and, unlike NCIS, doesn't rely on glossy yet predictably naff explosions and sassy one-liners. Southland ended up being dropped by NBC because it was too risqué with its realism but has luckily been picked up by another more cerebral network so hopefully we will get to enjoy the dark plots and the lovely weather for a few more seasons. Meanwhile, NCIS: Los Angeles remains one of the highest rated shows in the US which goes to prove that the majority of people that watch television are fatuous idiots.

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