Thursday, 29 July 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Instead of writing a post on the brilliance of Inception, I have decided to focus on the brilliant casting which I personally thought was the best thing about the movie. I would have loved to see Inception acted on a stage & then we would see how truly talented the cast really are. I've previously mentioned Tom Hardy who, in the aformentioned blockbuster, did the least acting of his entire career in his most high profile role which is a real shame but I am sure his time will come. Another actor whose physical acting was wholly mesmerising but hardly had the opportunity to stretch himself emotionally was Joseph Gordon Levitt.

The similarities between Joseph and Director Christopher Nolan's former Joker, Heath Ledger are undeniable. Both actors have/had an amazing range and totally engage with every character they /'ve become/became.

If your only knowledge of Joseph Gordon Levitt is him being the child actor from 3rd Rock from the Sun then please go through his back catalogue to watch some breathtaking performances and some impactive and sometimes devastating movies. Here's a pick of the best... (I know I've not included 500 Days of Summer but at least I've just mentioned it).

Mysterious Skin



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Click Here to Visit Joseph's HitRECord site and watch some brilliant short films.

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