Saturday, 31 July 2010

James Ransone

Anybody who has had the questionable pleasure of seeing Larry Clark's widely banned Ken Park will have witnessed James Ransone (+ noose + tennis-grunt audio) literally bursting onto their screens. He certainly made a lasting impression and it wasn't just the explicit performance because almost every character in the movie appeared in some extreme scene yet there are none that resonate quite like Ransone. It came as no surprise then that John Waters should sign him up for the role of Dingy Dave in the disappointing A Dirty Shame. Ransone has the big saucer eyes and addict-aesthetic that would perfectly fit into any of Waters' earlier movies.

As Ziggy, he was the highlight of Season 2 of The Wire and the most entertaining character in Generation Kill. No matter what role he is playing, Ransone brings a sense of 'regular' to the role. He is no pretentious actor, just a regular guy enjoying his job and this is what makes him so affable.* In 2008 an article was published for Malibu Mag which was written by the actor and it documents the year he decided to grow up. Click Here to read it in full.

Judging by his IMDB page and his band Colourscheme's MySpace it looks like he's giving us plenty to look forward to.

*James, please email me if you need a best friend.

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